Public Poll: Would you SUPPORT or OPPOSE a SHERIFF’S FIRST BILL that would make it a state crime for federal officers to arrest, search, or seize anything from a citizen without written permission from that Montana county’s elected Sheriff?

Montana Sheriff’s are elected by citizens in their county. Federal officers are not. Should your locally elected county Sheriff hold the key in regard to federal arrest, search or seizure of property in Montana? Take the public poll, react, comment and share below. Find the member only poll here
Would you SUPPORT or OPPOSE a SHERIFFS FIRST BILL that would make it a state crime for federal officers to arrest, search, or seize anything from a citizen without written permission from that Montana county's elected Sheriff?
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Find Gary Marbut’s Model Legislation For Sheriffs First embedded below.


Poll: Do Support or Oppose Eradication Hunting Of Invasive Feral Hogs Moving Into Montana? [Video]

Montana currently prohibits the hunting of feral hogs. Should this be changed?


Do You Support or Oppose Unlimited Eradication Hunting For Invasive Feral Hogs Moving Into Montana?
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POLL: Should Montana Implement an Electoral College Type Election System for Governor and U.S. Representatives?

With the census now awarding us another seat in Congress, the subject of an in-state electoral college type system comes up again before this next election. More so now with attempts at gerrymandering being made in design of districts by both parties.

No one disagrees that the One Person, One Vote Rule is essential! But does this not seem to break down when dealing with larger populations in that rural voters are no longer represented equally because they choose not to be part of a collective like liberal Missoula or Bozeman College towns? Who almost always sway the vote near the end of every Montana election? More often than not the entire state is looking like it will turn out one way, only to be overturned after counting big city votes.

Is it time for a change in Montana’s popular voting system for in-state elections so that rural voters in Montana are represented equally by having an elector in every county such as the locally elected Sheriff? Vote in the poll, read more, log in and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Do you Support or Oppose implementing an Electoral College system for Montana Governor and U.S. Reps?
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Popular vote in county and city elections is essential to American liberty in a Constitutional Republic. It is literally the backbone of Democracy. It is essential where people are able to shake hands, speak face to face and eye to eye. The ability to speak directly to your representatives representing you is critical. You meet them on the street and can easily speak to them directly. Town Halls actually mean something. The people in local governments are held accountable by their neighbors. Where local law enforcement is your neighbor and their patrol car is in their driveway. They literally have to keep their eyes on the ball because it might roll through their living room window.

If they disagree with the community, they are gone in the next election. That is how representative government is envisioned to work.

Montana has 56 counties in a variety of geographical sizes. We have elected representatives in our county elections and can meet with them and speak eye to eye on any subject we want almost anytime. That’s where one person, one vote works! Is it not fair to think that each county might have an equal say about the state representation they receive so that it is equal to the state representation that Missoula or Bozeman, or Helena receives as a collective? Or should their collective values be worth more than your county?

Who in your area is the most tuned in to your local situation? Your Sheriff for example might be someone who is the most tuned in to local news and events as well as safety and security in your location. Could your locally elected by popular vote county sheriff not be considered someone who might represent you better as an elector for in state elections and cast your county’s vote based on popular vote in your county?

Moving to firearms friendly states like Montana with kids where an estimated 60%-90% of homes have guns

Reports based on background checks for new gun purchases through FFL Holders stating the total number of firearms in Montana are most certainly wrong. It is much higher than that and we plan to keep it that way. Of the estimated 60%- 90% or more of homes with guns, the average number of firearms owned is likely around six. With some, many, many more! Do you only have one tool in your toolbox? Of course not. Guns are tools with different jobs to perform. Remember that as you drive down the street here. Nine out of ten of the homes you pass have them. Thousands and often tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition in storage is certainly not uncommon.

Gun ownership for hunting, self defense, investment collection and shooting sports are simply standard operating procedures in Montana.

It is mission critical to teach your kids about firearms safety and overall handling as early and responsibly as you can! Kids are curious, that’s all there is to it. If you have children it is highly recommended that you teach them how to handle the possibility that they will interact with firearms and even ammunition unless you plan to lock them in their room. Especially when visiting their friends at their homes!

Firearms are a tool we use to protect our families and property from predators of all types. It is also a necessary tool to help provide food for our families, as well as being a popular form of competition, recreation and collection. Guns can even be a great investment. An investment that requires considerable responsibility to own and most Montanans do just that.

Gun Logic: As soon as your child can physically pull a trigger, is it not time to teach them safe gun handling?

Procrastination in teaching your kids or securing your firearms can easily end in tragedy whether at home or at their friends. If you have kids too young to teach gun safety, be sure to use a gun vault or similar storage device for your smaller weapons and handguns next to the bed, etc. These make them secure and reasonably accessible to you. They also aren’t that expensive. Certainly cheaper than the potential consequences. Practice testing them weekly and replace batteries as needed. Rifles should be locked in a gun cabinet or secured with other types of gun locks to help keep curious little fingers away.

At what age do you believe people should start teaching their kids about gun safety?
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NRA is a great place to start for resources:
Be Safe Brochure From the MTSSA:
A great article at Field & Stream:
Share  links, resources and opinions about living in Firearms Friendly States like Montana in the comments below.

Montana Sheriffs Office Telephone Numbers For Reporting or Checking For Stolen Guns

How do I find out if a gun I want to buy from a private seller in Montana has been reported stolen or lost? How do I report a gun stolen or lost in Montana? Should I speak with an attorney before reporting a gun stolen or lost? What if I contact law enforcement and find out a gun I was planning to purchase or already purchased was reported stolen? Why might I not want to report a gun stolen? All great questions. Discuss them in the comments below.

For the record: I am NOT an attorney nor have I ever played one on TV! Seek legal counsel elsewhere. I personally check guns with the sheriff anytime I have a doubt about where they came from. Luckily very rarely and I’ve personally never had a gun stolen or requested a search on one that was reported stolen. But I certainly will report a stolen gun if it occurs to me AFTER speaking with an attorney. Mainly for insurance purposes and CYA. But also because I’d love to get it back someday if it ever shows up! Keep accurate records of serial numbers and photos of your firearms. Make sure undesirables don’t have access unless you allow it.

Montana does not require firearm owners to report the loss or theft of a firearm. And we plan to keep it that way. There is also no federal law requiring individuals to report lost or stolen firearms as of this post. Federal law does require licensed firearm dealers to report lost or stolen guns to local authorities or the U.S. Attorney General within 48 hours (18 U.S.C. 923).

Should Montana require that stolen guns are reported to law enforcement?
  • Montana should NOT require that stolen guns are reported 100%, 3 votes
    3 votes 100%
    3 votes - 100% of all votes
  • Montana SHOULD require that stolen guns are reported 0%, 0 votes
    0 votes
    0 votes - 0% of all votes
Total Votes: 3
Only registered users can vote. Login to vote.
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Call your Montana Sheriffs Office or local Police Department for verified stolen gun reports. There are private stolen gun databases and even a group at this site for Scammers, Spammers and Stolen Guns. But none of these are verifiable, whereas law enforcement is.

If you choose to request a stolen gun search using your Sheriff, find the most current Montana County Sheriff’s office contact information as of this post from the MSPOA. If you find info below out of date or incorrect, please share it in the comments or click my username below and send me a message on my profile with updated information.

Beaverhead County, Montana
Sheriff Paul Craft
2 S. Pacific St. #16
Dillon, MT 59725
Phone: 406-683-3700
Fax: 406-683-3778

Big Horn County, Montana
Sheriff Lawrence Big Hair
P.O. Box 905
Hardin, MT 59034
Phone: 406-665-9780
Fax: 406-665-9797

Blaine County, Montana
Sheriff John Colby
P.O. Box 8
Chinook, MT 59523
Phone: 406-357-3260
Fax: 406-357-2199

Broadwater County, Montana
Sheriff Wynn Meehan
519 Broadway
Townsend, MT 59644
Phone: 406-266-3441
Fax: 406-266-5354

Carbon County, Montana
Sheriff Josh McQuillan
P.O. Box 230
Red Lodge, MT 59068-0230
Phone: 406-446-1234
Fax: 406-446-2640

Carter County, Montana
Sheriff Neil Kittelmann
P.O. Box 323
Ekalaka, MT 59324-0323
Phone: 406-775-8743
Fax: 406-775-8750

Cascade County, Montana
Sheriff Jesse Slaughter
3800 Ulm N. Frontage Rd
Great Falls, MT 59404
Phone: 406-454-6820
Fax: 406-454-6941

Chouteau County, Montana
Sheriff Vernon Burdick
P.O. Box 459
Fort Benton, MT 59442-0459
Phone: 406-622-5451
Fax: 406-622-3815

Custer County, Montana
Sheriff Pat Roos
1010 Main St.
Miles City, MT 59301
Phone: 874-3320
Fax: 874-3444

Daniels County, Montana
Sheriff Duane E. Anderson
106 Railroad Ave.
Scobey, MT 59263
Phone: 406-487-2691
Fax: 406-487-2699

Dawson County, Montana
Sheriff Ross Canen
440 Colorado Blvd.
Glendive, MT 59330
Phone: 406-377-5291
Fax: 406-377-7048

Deer Lodge County, Montana
Sheriff Bill Sather
P.O. Box 518
Anaconda, MT 59711
Phone: 406-563-5241
Fax: 406-563-2069

Fallon County, Montana
Sheriff Trent Harbaugh
P.O. Box 899
Baker 59313-0899
Phone: 778-2879
Fax: 778-2815

Fergus County, Montana
Sheriff Rick Vaughn
P.O. Box 180
Lewistown, MT 59457
Phone: 535-3415
Fax: 535-3860

Flathead County, Montana
Sheriff Brian Heino
800 South Main
Kalispell, MT 59901-5400
Phone: 758-5585
Fax: 758-5862

Gallatin County, Montana
Sheriff Dan Springer
615 S. 16th
Bozeman, MT 59715-4107
Phone: 582-2128
Fax: 582-2126

Garfield County, Montana
Sheriff Clay Lammers
P.O. Box 103
Jordan 59337-0103
Phone: 557-2540

Glacier County, Montana
Sheriff Vernon “Napi” Billedeaux
512 E. Main St.
Cut Bank 59427
Phone: 873-2711
Fax: 873-4218

Golden Valley County, Montana
Sheriff Robert Pallas
P.O. Box 10
Ryegate 59074
Phone: 568-2321
Fax: 568-2598

Granite County, Montana
Sheriff Scott Dunkerson
P.O. Box 188
Philipsburg 59858-0188
Phone: 859-3251
Fax: 859-3252

Hill County, Montana
Sheriff Donald Brostrom, Jr.
P.O. Box 176
Havre 59501
Phone: 265-2512

Jefferson County, Montana
Sheriff Craig Doolittle
P.O. Box 588
Boulder 59632
Phone: 225-4075
Fax: 225-4145

Judith Basin County, Montana
Sheriff Jon Schmitt
P.O. Box 427
Stanford 59479
Phone: 566-2212
Fax: 566-2211

Lake County, Montana
Sheriff Don Bell
106 4th Ave E.
Polson 59860-2186
Phone: 883-7301
Fax: 883-0564

Lewis and Clark County, Montana
Sheriff Leo Dutton
221 Breckenridge
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: 447-8235
Fax: 449-8452

Liberty County, Montana
Sheriff Don Riggin
P.O. Box 170
Chester 59522-0170
Phone: 759-5171
Fax: 759-5520

Lincoln County, Montana
Sheriff Darren Short
512 California Ave
Libby 59923
Phone: 293-4112
Fax: 293-3171

McCone County, Montana
Sheriff Dave Harris
P.O. Box 201
Circle 59215-0201
Phone: 485-3405
Fax: 485-2689

Madison County, Montana
Sheriff Phil Fortner
P.O. Box 276
Virginia City 59755-0276
Phone: 843-5301
Fax: 843-5351

Meagher County, Montana
Sheriff Jon Lopp
P.O. Box 355
White Sulphur 59645-0355
Phone: 547-3397
Fax: 547-3721

Mineral County, Montana
Sheriff Mike Boone
P.O. Box 99
Superior 59872
Phone: 822-3555
Fax: 822-3562

Missoula County, Montana
Sheriff T.J. McDermott
200 W. Broadway
Missoula, MT 59802
Phone: 258-4810
Fax: 258-3790

Musselshell County, Montana
Sheriff Shawn Lesnik
820 Main St.
Roundup 59072
Phone: 323-1402
Fax: 323-2566

Park County, Montana
Sheriff Brad Bichler
414 E. Callender
Livingston 59047-0433
Phone: 222-4172
Fax: 222-4175

Petroleum County, Montana
Sheriff Bill Cassell
P.O. Box 226
Winnett 59087
Phone: 429-5586
Fax: 429-6551

Phillips County, Montana
Sheriff Jerry Lytle
P.O. Box 1090
Malta, MT 59538
Phone: 406-654-2350
Fax: 406-654-1213

Pondera County, Montana
Sheriff Robert C. Skorupa
20 4th Ave. SW
Conrad 59425
Phone: 406-271-4060
Fax: 406-278-5751

Powder River County, Montana
Sheriff Allen E. Drane, Jr
P.O. Box 71
Broadus 59317-0071
Phone: 436-2333
Fax: 436-2866

Powell County, Montana
Sheriff Gavin Roselles
313 4th St.
Deer Lodge 59722
Phone: 846-2711
Fax: 846-2742

Prairie County, Montana
Sheriff Keifer Lewis
P.O. Box 126
Terry 59349
Phone: 635-5738
Fax: 635-4121

Ravalli County, Montana
Sheriff Steve Holton
205 Bedford, Ste. G
Hamilton 59840-5022
Phone: 375-4060
Fax: 375-4065

Richland County, Montana
Sheriff John K. Dynneson
110 2nd Ave. NW
Sidney 59270-4089
Phone: 433-2919
Fax: 482-4766

Roosevelt County, Montana
Sheriff Jason Frederick
P.O. Box 280
Wolf Point 59201-0280
Phone: 653-6216
Fax: 653-6205

Rosebud County, Montana
Sheriff Allen Fulton
P.O. Box 85
Forsyth, MT 59327
Phone: 340-2715
Fax: 346-7397

Sanders County, Montana
Sheriff Tom Rummel
P.O. Box 910
Thompson Falls 59873
Phone: 827-3584
Fax: 827-4388

Sheridan County, Montana
Sheriff Heidi Visocan
100 W. Laurel Ave.
Plentywood 59254
Phone: 765-1200
Fax: 765-2917

Silver Bow County, Montana
Sheriff Ed Lester
225 Alaska
Butte 59701
Phone: 497-1121
Fax: 497-1181

Stillwater County, Montana
Sheriff Charles “Chip” Kem
P.O. Box 729
Columbus 59019-0729
Phone: 322-5326
Fax: 322-5328

Sweet Grass County, Montana
Sheriff Alan Ronneberg
P.O. Box 567
Big Timber 59011-0567
Phone: 932-5143
Fax: 932-4777

Teton County, Montana
Sheriff Keith Van Setten
P.O. Box 1349
Choteau, MT 59422
Phone: 466-5781
Fax: 466-5782

Toole County, Montana
Sheriff Donna Whitt
P.O. Box 550
Shelby, MT 59474-0550
Phone: 434-5585
Fax: 434-7265

Treasure County, Montana
Sheriff Wayne Robinson
P.O. Box 511
Hysham 59038-0511
Phone: 342-5211
Fax: 342-5212

Valley County, Montana
Sheriff Tom Boyer
501 Court Sq. #10
Glasgow 59230
Phone: 228-4333
Fax: 228-4601

Wheatland County, Montana
Sheriff Everett Misner
P.O. Box 757
Harlowton, MT 59036-0757
Phone: 632-5614
Fax: 632-5654

Wibaux County, Montana
Sheriff Shane Harrington
P.O. Box 322
Wibaux 59353
Phone: 796-2415
Fax: 796-2625

Yellowstone County, Montana
Sheriff Mike Linder
P.O. Box 35017
Billings, MT 59107-5017
Phone: 256-2930
Fax: 256-2934

How often does the Montana Correctional Offender Network Search Banner get clicked here?

This website tracks simple clicks OUT for all banners that display here. Find the current sort-able statistics for this banner anytime below. In the bottom of all Montana Gun Trader pages except the home stream on mobile devices, there is a link to The Montana Correctional Offender Network Search or CONWEB as many call it. This is a resource that Tye State of Montana gives us to perform a quick check for in-state felonies. This can help us avoid selling to someone potentially prohibited. This is NOT a national check like the Federal NICS. It is only for Montana felons. Read more Considerations For Safe, Legal, Private Firearms Transactions Here.

Made in Montana T-Shirts, Hats and Hoodies?

Made in Montana t-shirts are coming eventually once we are able to develop a system with a Montana business who provides such services.

I’m sick of sending money out of state for work we might do here. CustomInk has a great system where they just send me a check for sales after a fundraiser that expires. It’s just a pain. I need a store type page like theirs at your website. Me sending members to you for shirts could certainly help you develop your business online. Unless I’m nuts. Which is possible.

Desired Qualifications:
#1 Majority of your employees must support or oppose good and bad gun bills during legislature when needed and vote pro-gun.
#2 Must deal with only high quality, made in America shirts. Preferably American Made in Montana!
#3 Must be able to professionally print or embroider items listed in the title.
#4 Must have an online store where we send members who want high quality shirts and hats, etc.
#5 Must be able to ship them directly to the customer c/o Montana Gun Trader.
#6 This is for fund raising much like CustomInk does. But I’d love to have a permanent store. Must then pay us a reasonable commission on every item sold.
#7 ?

Too much to expect? Even doable?

Comment with your recommendations or send me a message.

If you prefer not to become a member and are a producer of high quality items like these in Montana, please use the contact form or contact the administrator directly if logged in as a member to discuss.

MSSA – Montana Shooting Sports Association Free Promotional Ad & Statistics

The Montana Shooting Sports Association and Montanans like us voting pro-gun at the ballot box and directing elected legislators to vote pro-gun during legislative sessions are why we have likely the best gun laws in the country. We can’t do this without you. Click below now to join MSSA!

Below find the current free ad at this website that will always display here that appears randomly in a variety of locations. It may contain a general recruiting ad like it does as of this date or an ad of current legislation needing our undivided attention. View and track the progress of this free promo below that we will ALWAYS offer MSSA and our fellow members FREE. MSSA and MTGT Members get free stickers here!

Sign up for legislative updates from MSSA! Join our Gun Sales and Trade Politics Group to get these updates and discuss with members here!

Public Poll: At what age do you believe people should start teaching their kids about gun safety?

At what age do you believe people should start teaching their kids about gun safety?
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