Poll: Do You Support or Oppose Bans on Semi-Automatic Firearms and High Capacity Magazines?

Vote in the polls and share with your friends and family whether you support or oppose bans on semi-automatics or magazine capacities.

Do You Support or Oppose a Ban on Semi-Automatic Firearms?
Do You Support or Oppose A Ban on High Capacity Magazines?
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A Made in Montana Website Developer and Promoter building online tools to help us preserve and exercise our online Firearms Freedom!
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A Made in Montana Website Developer and Promoter building online tools to help us preserve and exercise our online Firearms Freedom!

I moved here from florida. As a lifelong native (minus military service) with a family history that dates to the 1500's in florida, I watched both parties merge into one giant machine there. Redflaglaws were my line in the sand and republicans did it there, not democratic party members. Still, no one stood up to them. Although the dems are the ones whom openly seek to take our guns it should not be mistaken as a partizan issue.
I did not run from a battle there, The battle is already lost there. There are no floridians left to fight. Most of the people I ran into were from NY, NJ, IL, CA, MA, and the like. I could walk down the road , passing by thousands of homes, and not encounter a generational floridian for miles and miles. The people moving into fl were more concerned with comfort and security than their rights and seem quite content to continue to give them up toward that aim, blissfully heading down the road to their own imprisonment and have forever changed the political landscape to something resembling a corporate police state.
I do not want to change Montana. I am here to support the great liberty we have here. Although I am not a native son, I am willing to pledge my life, liberty, and fortune to this sacred ground. People here have yet to see the full onslaught of repugnancy I whitnessed in fl but it is coming for sure, and sooner than you think.
It is an unfortunate truth that it seems no amount of political action will stop it. This should be readily apparent after the recent federal election. The forces promoting this stuff have already shown that they are above the law. They do not care about laws, votes, constituents, constitutions, or rights. These things matter not when there is now only one sided accountability and enforcement.
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