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Monthly Recurring Donation

Minimum price: $5.00 every month



Become a regular monthly sponsor to get the Montana Star Icon above next to your username so people know you help keep the lights on at this website. Enter an amount equal to $5 or more and click Donate Monthly to pay securely by credit, debit or bank transfer. You will be directed to your cart. You will see a Monthly Recurring Donation and any other items you may have in your cart. Click the RED X on the left to delete items or check out to set up. This charge will then occur now and then monthly on this same date every month. It will not end until you tell it to. A Donor badge will then be added to your profile so everyone knows you do your part to keep this site free. You can view this and all other orders you make on your profile orders page. If you have problems with your subscription or need to change it, click My Account and My Subscriptions to edit or cancel. This is not tax deductible and after transaction fees, we get about 88%. More is better. If you’d prefer to donate by snail mail, send the admin a message or use the contact form. This website is PCI compliant and payments are processed securely through To donate less than $5 per month online, Become a Patron of MontanaGuns.Org on Patreon.