Polls – What specifically does it mean to be “Pro-Gun”?

When a political candidate says they are “pro-gun” or “gun-friendly”, what exactly does that mean? Montanans already know and it doesn’t include added restrictions. Help define it by voting and sharing these polls with other voters and candidates. Then react and discuss in comments below. Bookmark this page and ask these questions of every candidate you come into contact with. Leave your suggestions for new polls we can add to our pro-gun polls collection in comments. Get Pro-Gun Tee Shirts on the products page HERE.

Do You Support or Oppose Universal Background Checks For All Gun Sales?

Do You Support or Oppose Permit-less Concealed Carry in Montana?
Do You Support or Oppose Trained and Certified Armed School Staff Willing to Carry a Concealed Weapon on Campus?
Do You Support or Oppose The Castle Doctrine in Montana?
Do You Support or Oppose a Ban on Semi-Automatic Firearms?
Do You Support or Oppose A Ban on High Capacity Magazines?
Do you Support or Oppose "Red Flag" Gun Laws in Montana?
Would you SUPPORT or OPPOSE a SHERIFFS FIRST BILL that would make it a state crime for federal officers to arrest, search, or seize anything from a citizen without written permission from that Montana county's elected Sheriff?
Do you support or oppose the revitalization of The Montana Home Guard?
Should Montana require that stolen guns are reported to law enforcement?
NOTE: These polls are permanent at this website. Some are older and some are newer. Each poll can be implemented into posts all by themselves or in any combination. Please click my name below to inquire about these polls or if you have suggestions for new polls to be added above.


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A Made in Montana Website Developer and Promoter building online tools to help us preserve and exercise our online Firearms Freedom!

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