Where can I find a list of the best Montana YouTube & Rumble video channels related to guns, gear and ammo?

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What branded products do you think would sell best to help fund and promote this website?

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Public Poll: If the election for our new District 1 House Seat were being held today, I would likely vote for…..

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Poll If the election for our new district 1 house seat were being held today, I would likely vote for…..

Polls for those serving or candidates wanting to serve Montana gun owners to strongly consider

Dear candidates and voters, please vote in all of the polls below and share these with your candidates. Candidates and supporters are welcome and encouraged to put their candidates position on the record below or share links to your public statements elsewhere. These are the primary topics to address for gun owners to gain confidence in your commitment to help protect our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


Do You Support or Oppose Universal Background Checks For All Gun Sales?


Do You Support or Oppose Permit-less Concealed Carry in Montana?


Do You Support or Oppose Trained and Certified Armed School Staff Willing to Carry a Concealed Weapon?


Do You Support or Oppose The Castle Doctrine in Montana?


Do You Support or Oppose a Ban on Semi-Automatic Firearms?


Do You Support or Oppose A Ban on High Capacity Magazines?


Do you Support or Oppose "Red Flag" Gun Laws in Montana?


Would you SUPPORT or OPPOSE a SHERIFFS FIRST BILL that would make it a state crime for federal officers to arrest, search, or seize anything from a citizen without written permission from that Montana county's elected Sheriff?


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Public Poll: Who is the most pro-gun political candidate you have ever supported or plan to vote for in Montana?

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Who is the most pro-gun political candidate you have ever or plan to vote for in Montana?

Poll: I have been blocked, banned, censored or limited at Facebook approximately …………………… times.

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POLL: My Personal Favorite Amendments To The United States Constitution Are…

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My Personal Favorite Amendments To The United States Constitution Are...

Review All Amendments from the U.S. Senate website embedded below or at senate.gov/civics/constitution_item/constitution.htm

POLL: Should Montana Implement an Electoral College Type Election System for Governor and U.S. Representatives?

With the census awarding us another Congress seat, the subject of an in-state electoral college type system comes up again.

Is it time for a change in Montana’s popular voting system for in-state elections so that rural voters in Montana are represented equally by having an elector in every county such as the locally elected Sheriff? Vote in the poll, read more, log in and share your thoughts in the comments below.

Do you Support or Oppose implementing an Electoral College system for Montana Governor and U.S. Reps?

No one disagrees that a one person, one vote rule is essential in our Constitutional Representative Republic!

But does this not seem to break down when dealing with larger populations in that rural voters are no longer represented equally because they choose not to be part of a collective like liberal Missoula or Bozeman College towns? Who almost always sway the vote near the end of every Montana election. More often than not the entire state is looking like it will turn out one way, only to be overturned after counting big city votes who by default lose common sense at the ballot box.

Popular vote in county and city elections is essential to American liberty in a Constitutional Republic. It is literally the backbone of Democracy. It is essential where people are able to shake hands, speak face to face and eye to eye. The ability to speak directly to your representatives representing you is critical. You meet them on the street and can easily speak to them directly. Town Halls actually mean something. The people in local governments are held accountable by their neighbors. Where local law enforcement is your neighbor and their patrol car is in their driveway. They literally have to keep their eyes on the ball because it might roll through their living room window.

If they disagree with the community, they are gone in the next election. That is how representative government is envisioned to work.

Montana has 56 counties in a variety of geographical sizes. We have elected representatives in our county elections and can meet with them and speak eye to eye on any subject we want almost anytime. That’s where one person, one vote works! Is it not fair to think that each county might have an equal say about the state representation they receive so that it is equal to the state representation that Missoula or Bozeman, or Helena receives as a collective? Or should their collective values be worth more than your county?

Who in your area is the most tuned in to your local situation? Your Sheriff for example might be someone who is the most tuned in to local news and events as well as safety and security in your location. Could your locally elected by popular vote county sheriff not be considered someone who might represent you better as an elector for in state elections and cast your county’s vote based on popular vote in your county?

Moving to firearms friendly states like Montana with kids where an estimated 60%-90% of homes have guns

Reports based on background checks for new gun purchases through FFL Holders stating the total number of firearms in Montana are most certainly wrong. It is much higher than that and we plan to keep it that way. Of the estimated 60%- 90% or more of homes with guns, the average number of firearms owned is likely around six. With some, many, many more! Do you only have one tool in your toolbox? Of course not. Guns are tools with different jobs to perform. Remember that as you drive down the street here. Nine out of ten of the homes you pass have them. Thousands and often tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition in storage is certainly not uncommon.

Gun ownership for hunting, self defense, investment collection and shooting sports are simply standard operating procedures in Montana.

It is mission critical to teach your kids about firearms safety and overall handling as early and responsibly as you can! Kids are curious, that’s all there is to it. If you have children it is highly recommended that you teach them how to handle the possibility that they will interact with firearms and even ammunition unless you plan to lock them in their room. Especially when visiting their friends at their homes!

Firearms are a tool we use to protect our families and property from predators of all types. It is also a necessary tool to help provide food for our families, as well as being a popular form of competition, recreation and collection. Guns can even be a great investment. An investment that requires considerable responsibility to own and most Montanans do just that.

Gun Logic: As soon as your child can physically pull a trigger, is it not time to teach them safe gun handling?

Procrastination in teaching your kids or securing your firearms can easily end in tragedy whether at home or at their friends. If you have kids too young to teach gun safety, be sure to use a gun vault or similar storage device for your smaller weapons and handguns next to the bed, etc. These make them secure and reasonably accessible to you. They also aren’t that expensive. Certainly cheaper than the potential consequences. Practice testing them weekly and replace batteries as needed. Rifles should be locked in a gun cabinet or secured with other types of gun locks to help keep curious little fingers away.

At what age do you believe people should start teaching their kids about gun safety?
NRA is a great place to start for resources: http://eddieeagle.nra.org/
Be Safe Brochure From the MTSSA: http://progunleaders.org/BeSafe/
A great article at Field & Stream: http://www.fieldandstream.com/node/1005010563
Share  links, resources and opinions about living in Firearms Friendly States like Montana in the comments below.