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Montana Gun Trader was established in February of 2016. It began as a direct result of Facebook banning private firearms sales and blocking gun sales groups like our very own Big Sky Gun Trader. A group which had over 3500 members. Most of those members came here when we opened this site so it grew pretty quickly. This domain was obtained prior to that knowing that Facebook like Craigslist banning guns, would do the same there. We have developed this site to combine the benefits of both of those websites into one. It has now become a full featured replacement marketplace and social network for like minded Montana gun owners. Facebook got us all hooked and then stabbed us in the back. They now censor and limit us out of existence if our opinions or content don’t meet their bias. This site now solves all of those problem and helps all of us localize better online independently. It gives us online independence from anti-gun social networks and classifieds. Montanans can quickly and easily buy, sell and trade new and used guns publicly in classifieds, only among members or with friends all for free at a made in Montana for only Montanans firearms-friendly social network like Facebook with an integrated classifieds like Craigslist. The love for firearms freedom and the countless hours of time invested, I donate for free. Around $15,000 so far has been personally invested in this site over the years. Feature ads, purchase from affiliates and donate monthly to help keep this site free. Help out by sharing the site with your Montana friends, family and co-workers. To engage, register and login to see much more inside. Don’t forget to share this with every Montanan you know. What do current members have to say for the site? Check out recent reviews below.
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