Poll: How many digits does it take to express the number of rounds of ammunition a prudent person can realistically afford and ought to have in storage? ~ Gary Marbut

Gary Marbut of The Montana Shootings Sports Association sent a suggestion for a new poll to get our opinions related to ammunition quantity we should all be striving to obtain. Below is the message from Gary and the poll. Read the message, take the poll, share and comment below.

“I once engaged in a conversation with some friends about how many digits it takes to express the number of rounds of ammo a person ought to have in storage. The serious debate on that question ended up being between five and six digits. Nobody I know can afford seven, and nobody I know is foolish or optimistic enough to suggest or depend on four.”

How many digits does it take to express the number of rounds of ammunition a prudent person can realistically afford and ought to have in storage?

For legality, what considerations do YOU always make before even contacting someone who posted an ad?

Aside from the firearm research on the item itself, for safety and legality purposes, what steps do YOU always take before even contacting someone who posts a gun classified ad?

Those of us who have done this forever always employ a few common sense considerations before even contacting someone with an item we might be interested in, regardless of whether they are a member or not. These might apply to anywhere else ads are posted as well.

This is one good part about a social media style site. Instead of just an obfuscated email from sites like Craigslist, at social media marketplace sites like this, you can check the directory and profile your buyers or seller first before even contacting them. You could even go so far before even contacting them to run a free Montana background check using the CONWEB if you wanted to and then just verify it’s them before transacting.

Please find and leave your comments, tips, tricks and suggestions for other members and visitors in the comments below.

Montana supporters of Universal Background Checks may not know that we can already do it ourselves!

Mandated or “Universal” Government Background Checks for private gun sales and trade, ARE NOT and will never be, to the best of our ability, REQUIRED BY LAW in the State of Montana!

Unless of course you live in Missoulafornia now. Missoula is trying to require background checks before firearms transactions within city limits. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that even if they do, law abiding citizens will simply drive outside of the city limits to transact. Whereas of course the bad guys don’t care either way.

Like a majority of attempts at gun control, just ridiculous.

Does that mean we don’t think people should have the choice to do a background check on someone for our own firearm transactions? Should we have to pay for it? Well you don’t currently have to pay for an in state ONLY background check in Montana!

Montanans already have a resource available to perform in state background checks using the Montana Correctional Offender CONWEB.


I’ve personally found it useful twice! Has it ever helped you? Have you ever had a person you feel is questionable try to buy a gun from you? How did you handle it? Share your tips, tricks and wisdom in the comments below!

Members Can Now Create News Feed or Group Polls For Other Members to Take

Members Can Now Create News Feed or Group Polls For Other Members To Take!

Login and Click Add New… then select Poll. Ask your poll question in the status bar and add your poll options. Click Post and it’s live!

Polls are great for websites like this! They can be used to find out favorite calibers for large or small critters, holsters for concealed carry or even types of rifles that might be desired for raffles. Maybe even your favorite brew or bourbon to enjoy AFTER a great day at the range!

How are polls here better than Facebook?

#1 Anyone can post a poll! Even in your groups!

#2 You can add unlimited options! Facebook only allows two unless you install some special crap.

#3 You can allow multiple answers!

Ask questions about polls in the comments below this post or send me a private message.


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Six Polls: Dear Candidate Seeking Montana Gun Trader Support for Election or Re-Election

Thank You For Your Interest in Serving Montanans. Please Review, Vote in All Six Polls and Comment Below.

Please understand a few critical issues that most of us agree on before you assume our votes after simply claiming support for our 2nd Amendment. So many before you have done so and stabbed us in the back that even as a Republican, you are not immune.

For The Record: WE ARE NOT SINGLE ISSUE VOTERS. We are PRIMARY issue voters. And Firearms Freedom is ALMOST ALWAYS our primary issue. Because we know that without the 2nd Amendment, ALL others become indefensible.

Before we can commit with support of any kind through this website and numerous social networks, fundamentals of firearms freedom need first to be addressed directly by you or your campaign and understood either here or publicly on the record elsewhere.

Please vote and provide details about the following firearms freedom issues below. You are  welcome and encouraged to register at this website with thousands of fellow Montanans to put your position on the record in the comments below this post.

This is not a hostage situation. If you have opposing views, please tell us how and try to convince us below. If in support, we encourage you to feel free to plug your position for gun owners to see below as well. This does not cover all issues. But these are the hottest topics to address for us to gain confidence in your commitment to help protect our god given rights and give you our elective support.


Do You Support or Oppose Universal Background Checks For All Gun Sales?


Do You Support or Oppose Permit-less Concealed Carry?


Do You Support or Oppose Trained and Certified Armed School Staff Willing to Carry a Concealed Weapon?


Do You Support or Oppose The Castle Doctrine in Montana?


Do You Support or Oppose a Ban on Semi-Automatic Firearms?


Do You Support or Oppose A Ban on High Capacity Magazines?


These polls are currently open to the public. If needed, they can easily be restricted to members only. If you are a member with an opposing or supportive opinion to those shared above, please present your objections or support for discussion below. Be Sure to Share!