Montana Gun Trader Page Unpublished By Facebook Again…

Facebook in their infinite wisdom has felt the need to unpublish the Montana Gun Trader Facebook Page again to help save us from ourselves.

I have actually been very careful to keep private sales off of that page to help comply with their policies. The only types of posts I make at that page are funnies to help draw in membership. With the page being unpublished now and me likely being blocked again, we’ll have to count on you now to help promote the site more on Facebook.

All it takes is X number of trolls to report posts and an ignorant admin at FB to get people like me and pages like mine blocked. I have clicked the appeal button but it is unlikely it will be republished unless we get lucky. We have gotten a significant number of members referred here from Facebook.

With politics steaming hot and heavy ahead, it’s a matter of time before myself and my other pages get blocked at Facebook again as well. Thus why we’ve built these sites….

It’s up to you all more now!

Tell your MONTANA friends and family at Facebook and anywhere else you can think of to join to buy and sell guns!

Join as a social network alternative for those not gun nuts like us!

And for the full fledged gun nuts from around the country, join to stay tuned in nationally……

How do YOU keep from being spammed and scammed while buying, selling and trading online?

What is your first clue when an online classified ad does NOT look legitimate?

One of the biggest reason social network marketplaces have become much more popular is because of the relative safety of being able to profile people somewhat before even contacting them. Many of us have been scammed and probably all of us have been spammed after emailing someone through contact forms online and in ads.

Very rarely does it happen here because only members can post ads and membership is approved by a local admin. But it does happen a lot on sites like Craigslist. There are things most of us do to avoid getting scammed.

Share what things about ads that tip you off when a classified ad does NOT look legitimate below!

Poll: How many digits does it take to express the number of rounds of ammunition a prudent person can realistically afford and ought to have in storage? ~ Gary Marbut

Gary Marbut of The Montana Shootings Sports Association sent a suggestion for a new poll to get our opinions related to ammunition quantity we should all be striving to obtain. Below is the message from Gary and the poll. Read the message, take the poll, share and comment below.

“I once engaged in a conversation with some friends about how many digits it takes to express the number of rounds of ammo a person ought to have in storage. The serious debate on that question ended up being between five and six digits. Nobody I know can afford seven, and nobody I know is foolish or optimistic enough to suggest or depend on four.”

How many digits does it take to express the number of rounds of ammunition a prudent person can realistically afford and ought to have in storage?

For legality, what considerations do YOU always make before even contacting someone who posted an ad?

Aside from the firearm research on the item itself, for safety and legality purposes, what steps do YOU always take before even contacting someone who posts a gun classified ad?

Those of us who have done this forever always employ a few common sense considerations before even contacting someone with an item we might be interested in, regardless of whether they are a member or not. These might apply to anywhere else ads are posted as well.

This is one good part about a social media style site. Instead of just an obfuscated email from sites like Craigslist, at social media marketplace sites like this, you can check the directory and profile your buyers or seller first before even contacting them. You could even go so far before even contacting them to run a free Montana background check using the CONWEB if you wanted to and then just verify it’s them before transacting.

Please find and leave your comments, tips, tricks and suggestions for other members and visitors in the comments below.