Member Only Poll: Should we allow out of state gun owners to join Montana Gun Trader?

More and more often we are getting out of state gun owners who attempt to join Montana Gun Trader. I have thus far denied them. Out of state visitors can already use the classifieds without being a member as long as it doesn’t get abused. But non-members are unable to manage ads, engage in the social network, use the forums or groups. Should we allow out of state members? This is a members only poll. Please login if you haven’t already to vote. Take the poll and leave your comments below. Donate to help fund this made in Montana site.

Should Montana Gun Trader allow out of state members?
  • No 59%, 22 votes
    22 votes 59%
    22 votes - 59% of all votes
  • Yes 41%, 15 votes
    15 votes 41%
    15 votes - 41% of all votes
Total Votes: 37
Only registered users can vote. Login to vote.

NOTE! If a decision about allowing out of state members is to be made, it will require at least half of the current membership base to vote YES above in this members only poll. There are currently over 1700 members. View the Total Votes so far above.

What are Featured Ads? How do they help me sell faster? How do they help fund the site?

Featured Ads at Montana Gun Trader are optional when posting. Featured Ads get better exposure and help fund this free website. Featured Ads are highlighted in gray with red letters and stick to the top of all listings chronologically on the Classifieds Page. Prices for Montana Gun Trader Featured Ads are lower then even the basic posting cost for all of the Montana news media classifieds sites.

Featured Ads also appear below every ad and below the Home Page content. Of course sales boil down to what people are looking for. But when photos are added to catch visitor attention, featured ads typically receive five times the traffic as regular ads! Click Post Ad and select the option you want. Complete the transaction through PayPal using an account or by credit card. Don’t have anything to sell but still want to help fund the site? Buy ammo from sponsors at Top Ammunition Sites or visit the Donate Page to send money by credit card or Paypal account.

Help Fund The Site For 2018 Donations Progress

Help Fund The Site For 2018 Progress

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The best way to help out is to stock up on ammo and gun parts through sponsor links at Top Gun Parts and Top Ammunition Sites. A commission of 3-5% is made on purchases you make through sponsor sites there. You must click through and make a sale through the links at that site. Always start your online firearms related shopping through those sites, helps fund this one!

Another way you can help is by Featuring your ads here. Featured ads appear highlighted and stick to the top of the listings chronologically. They appear below content on the homepage and below every other ad at the site. See more details on featured ads here…

The third way is to donate below. It takes $600.00 per year to help keep this site maintained and alive. Please give what you can. If yearly goals are reached, I can remove all advertising that appears at this site.

Personal Info

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Add a map to your profile page and distance from you in the directory


When new Montanans register for Montana Gun Trader, they are asked to include their City + a comma + MT.

If they don’t at least give us a Montana City, their membership is not approved.

Montana is Big! This is so we know if they post an item in a general forum, whether its even practical to contact them or not. On top of that one of the biggest complaints people have with classifieds is that people who post forget to add their location. You can visit any members profile page to see their location under their header image if they haven’t removed it. But sometimes even I don’t know without looking at a map. This is exactly why I’ve added a map function. Why not have a map here instead of having to google it?

If you edit your profile and enter your Montana city, then a comma, The MT, then enter USA in the country, a map will automatically appear on your profile page like the Montana Arms & Ammo Page. If your profile location information is also filled out correctly, you will see a distance from you in the member directory just like the image below.

NOTE: Add it, remove it, I don’t even care after registration. But it will always be required in registration for localization purposes. !If you add your complete address, it will display it! Although I might advise against that if you don’t want people knocking on your door. If you have a business however, it might be beneficial. We’ll leave that part up to you. 🙂

Member Reputation? Ratings and Reviews?

At a buy, sell and trade site, it’s always a good idea to see what other people have to say about sellers before you commit to a meet with them, or purchase from them if you haven’t already. One of the best things about GunBroker and even Ebay, is being able to see what others have to say before you plan to buy.

I’m sure you’re excited to here that we have a system just like that here now. Check out Montana Gun Owners under My Reputation to see how the Rating looks on a profile page. Click on Rate & Review this Member to see their reviews page.

In addition to your personal reviews page, your 1-5 STAR rating also appears on your profile page and in your news feed. Get busy and build your reputation. Ask members you’ve dealt with in the past to leave a review for you to help build some credibility with your potential buyers. Members can delete and change reviews. But obviously cannot review themselves.

To add a custom header image to this page, click Edit Profile/Profile and upload or remove an image.