98% of Voters in Poll Think Montana Should Support Unlimited Eradication Hunting of Feral Hogs

In an active current poll, 98% of voters believe that the State of Montana should allow unlimited eradication hunting to help reduce threats posed to Montana by what will soon be an complete invasion of feral hogs beginning on our Northern border from Canada. Our southern state neighbors might agree that if we don’t start soon, these beasts will plow up every garden and potato field in the county.

A new bacon hunting opportunity we should embrace which gives us an excuse to buy more ammo, AR-15‘s and other “assault weapons” or a hindrance we should eradicate? Is it possible to manage these beasts or is it too late? Take the poll and comments below.

Do You Support or Oppose Unlimited Eradication Hunting For Invasive Feral Hogs Moving Into Montana?

Watch how Texas Parks and Wildlife deals with feral hogs.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates the cost of the damage caused by feral pigs amounts to about $1.5 billion annually.

Poll: Do Support or Oppose Eradication Hunting For Invasive Feral Hogs Moving Into Montana? [Video]

Montana currently prohibits the hunting of feral hogs. Should this be changed?


Do You Support or Oppose Unlimited Eradication Hunting For Invasive Feral Hogs Moving Into Montana?

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