Add a map to your profile page and distance from you in the directory


When new Montanans register for Montana Gun Trader, they are asked to include their City + a comma + MT.

If they don’t at least give us a Montana City, their membership is not approved.

Montana is Big! This is so we know if they post an item in a general forum, whether its even practical to contact them or not. On top of that one of the biggest complaints people have with classifieds is that people who post forget to add their location. You can visit any members profile page to see their location under their header image if they haven’t removed it. But sometimes even I don’t know without looking at a map. This is exactly why I’ve added a map function. Why not have a map here instead of having to google it?

If you edit your profile and enter your Montana city, then a comma, The MT, then enter USA in the country, a map will automatically appear on your profile page like the Montana Arms & Ammo Page. If your profile location information is also filled out correctly, you will see a distance from you in the member directory just like the image below.

NOTE: Add it, remove it, I don’t even care after registration. But it will always be required in registration for localization purposes. !If you add your complete address, it will display it! Although I might advise against that if you don’t want people knocking on your door. If you have a business however, it might be beneficial. We’ll leave that part up to you. 🙂

Member Reputation? Ratings and Reviews?

At a buy, sell and trade site, it’s always a good idea to see what other people have to say about sellers before you commit to a meet with them, or purchase from them if you haven’t already. One of the best things about GunBroker and even Ebay, is being able to see what others have to say before you plan to buy.

I’m sure you’re excited to here that we have a system just like that here now. Check out Montana Gun Owners under My Reputation to see how the Rating looks on a profile page. Click on Rate & Review this Member to see their reviews page.

In addition to your personal reviews page, your 1-5 STAR rating also appears on your profile page and in your news feed. Get busy and build your reputation. Ask members you’ve dealt with in the past to leave a review for you to help build some credibility with your potential buyers. Members can delete and change reviews. But obviously cannot review themselves.

To add a custom header image to this page, click Edit Profile/Profile and upload or remove an image.


Several New Optional Profile Page Enhancements Are Now Available

In addition to existing optional profile page customization’s such as your page header and avatar, information and website links that can appear below your header, a friends list and groups list, several new profile page options have been added. These new options allow you to share linked buttons, a map to display your location, a telephone number and your most recent posts.

Profile Page Options at Montana Gun Trader

Logged in members can edit their profile and quickly add these optional items. None of these will appear to non-members unless you allow them to be viewed.

Note: In order for your map to appear, your location must be specified. You can go so far as to add your home address if you like, although it would not be advised. Be sure to add United States or USA to the country field or it will not appear. Adding your city, state and country also allows other members who do the same, to see a distance from you in the member directory.

Logged in members can leave comments, questions and suggestions below or feel free to message me anytime.

How to change your default profile header and avatar

As members have likely noticed, the default avatar for all users who have not uploaded their own or have a Gravatar account, has changed to this sexy new one. If you’d like to change either one, simply click the change links at the top of your header image. You are the only one that sees these links on your profile page. Blow holes or ask questions as needed below.

change header and avatar

Admin Blocked from Facebook again…

The enemies of personal firearms freedom have struck us a temporary blow.  Help fight back by sharing!
Facebook blocked again

The primary promoter of this locally owned & operated firearms friendly website, is blocked from Facebook yet again.

As much as I’d love completely to abandon that mess, it has become a necessary evil for promotional purposes. When we get to 10,000 members, we might be able to say our farewells. But until then, Share the hell out of it and tell at least six of your friends. And get a bumper sticker for your rigs to help plug the site!

As many of you may be aware, this website was created shortly after Facebook decided against your personal use of their website to buy, sell and trade firearms. I was blocked from Facebook the first time initially for 24 hours because someone took offense to a post dated LONG BEFORE their new policy was mandated, for a private gun for sale LINK FROM ANOTHER SITE, not even posted directly at Facebook.

Before Facebook began there anti-gun direction, I personally pumped thousands of links from various websites I’ve developed over the years automatically into their system. Thousands of posts dated BEFORE their changes were literally impossible for me to remove to become compliant with their new nonsense.

The second time was for exactly the same thing. But that time for seven days. I did attempt to remove posts. Facebook does not give page admins the ability to delete thousands of posts. You have to un-publish the page or manually try to delete each post. I sent a request and did not get a reply. It is still this way. It is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. But hey, its their billion dollar network, they can do whatever they want.

I’m grounded this time for sharing a screenshot of a nasty message that a visitor sent to a Facebook page I help administer. It was not directive or identifiable, just an example of what some people message to a page, that particular page with over 50,000 likes and 100+ subscribers and growing fast. It was simply posted as an example of the type of messages a page gets when they post something opposed to someone elses political opinion. I even removed her name and her foul language from the image so it was not identifiable.

I’m unable to do my weekly updates at the Montana Gun Trader Facebook Page for almost one month. This will put a dent in our ability to let people know they have another option. YOU can help by sharing the heck out of it!