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Montana Gun Trader was established in February of 2016 as a result of Facebook blocking gun sales groups as we all knew they eventually would. The domain was obtained prior to that knowing that Facebook, like other powerful websites before them such as Craigslist and eBay had done by blocking guns and ammo sales, further inhibit Montana firearms freedom online. We once even encouraged people to join these networks because of their gun-friendly nature. They got us all hooked, then stabbed us in the back.

This site is now at our disposal. It has the ability to give us online independence from such anti-gun websites as Facebook and Craigslist. It gives us the adaptability and all of the online firearms tools found at such sites, on Montana terms.

Here Montanans can quickly & easily buy, sell and trade new and used guns only among site members, just with friends, or publicly all for free! All at this made in Montana firearms-friendly social network just for guns!

This locally owned and operated site has everything the big social network sites have. The difference here is that we have only Montana members and YOU decide the level of privacy you prefer.

In addition to member only publicly visible classifieds and the privacy of posting in member only groups, we have customize-able profile pages where you can post only among friends if you desire. We have a searchable once logged in, last-active member directory, friends, news feeds and email notification preferences, private messaging and more. Everything you need to safely, confidently and confidentially buy, sell, trade and socialize locally online at a made in Montana site.

There won’t be begging for donations. But if you do shop online for ammo and want to help out with website costs, a small commission is made through sponsor link purchases at another locally owned website which is It doesn’t cost you any more, and more of your money stays in Montana. On top of that they’re all sorted and ranked neatly for you. Montana ammunition websites can also add their local sites free! Members can also feature their ads which ives them better exposure and helps fund the site.

The love for firearms freedom and the countless hours of time invested, I donate for free! Around $2600.00.. so far has been personally invested in this site. One of the disadvantages of a local only site is that it limits our potential audience. The natives have spoken and we plan to keep it local only. Help out by sharing the site with your Montana friends and family, and of course stocking up on ammo at the link above if you like what you see happening here and want to help fund this local site!

To see news, visit Gun Trader News. To engage, register and login to see much more inside. Don’t forget to share this with every Montanan you know using the links below!

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