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Found my people

I went without social media for a long time because aside from the constant point of view conflicts, I just didn’t want to continue to support those platforms. Someone suggested MeWe, and on there I found here. Between there and here I feel like I’ve finally found my kind of people. It’s nice to be in communication with other like minded individuals. I am grateful for this site not only because of the great classified section, but also the awesome groups and proactive administrator!



Most excellent, great way to keep in touch with MT gun guys and trade stuff.


Best place to TRADE or buy weapons

Iv been a member going on a year now this is the best no-nonsense hassle-free website I’ve ever used!! Montana guntrader started out great and has only grown in Excellency 5 STARS all around


Amazing tool and resource

This site is way better than armslist and a great tool. Good community of honest folks that are willing to help and guide you in your firearm community. I have had nothing but positive feedback and polite conversations with every memeber.



Thanks to the hard work from the site admin Randy, Montana Gun Trader has continually evolved into an even better platform for buying, selling, and trading.

Glad I joined up!


My Huckleberry

This is my go to site for anything gun related. If I’m looking to purchase something concerning guns I come here first. Many thanks to the creators of this site,and blessings to you all who are members & supporters.



Montana only site with all of the right features. It’s a great supportive community. Buy, sell, trade and converse with fellow members.


I have never had better results anywhere!

I have never had better luck using online classifieds anywhere. What are you waiting for?


Connecting MT gun folks

Really enjoy this site. It’s about the only social media network I have anything to do with. I’ve sold a few guns through here and there has never been a hiccup. Always ftf, cash. Never heard any complaints. Always fun to read the comments and the stories. Like it enough to help via Patreon. Good job, Randy!


Best 2A site….period

Montana native, and gun enthusiast. I’ve had more luck buying and selling here, than any other website. Randy built a great website, and it’s a joy to browse! Keep up the good work, and thank you!


Great Montana Website

This is a great way to communicate and sell or buy firearms and related gear. Randy keeps us up to date with all the political bills as they are going through the system which is great because it reminds you that we all need our voices heard in Helena and DC. The site is easy to use and there is not a bunch of sleazy adds thrown at you all the time. Join and find deals and stay informed.


Join Montanan’s here at Montana Gun Traders (

Great place to find folks that are looking to buy sell or even better, want to trade. Site is easy to use, well organized and a great resource! Without all the issues other sites seem to really struggle with.

I’m glad I did…


Working great!

Arms list has gone down hill and this seems awesome ! We need a connection for trading all things and this seems to be working well .


I Check It Every Day

Like minded people make buying and conversing enjoyable and I’ve met some good people during transactions. So far, the items for sale don’t suffer from the problems that “the other” sites suffer from like scams and price gouging (sometimes a bit higher than they should be, but you don’t have to buy.) The site is evolving and easy to navigate. “Boss” Randy seems to be a fair and honest moderator.
When I say that I check the site every day, I should add, multiple times.
I highly recommend Montana Gun Trader!


Great Site. Great People.

Everyone I have done business with has been above and beyond helpful and friendly.

This site is what this sport is all about easy to use, inexpensive compared to other sites, and extremely friendly. There is none of the impersonal feel to the site you get on Gunbrokers or others.

Michael L Kelley

On the Right Path

Thank you Montana Gun Trader for helping us citizens exchange our weapons and opinions. Giving you 5 stars. Not because you are perfect. There are a thousand things I would change, but you are on the right path. We shouldn’t have to pay licenses or fees or membership dues in order to swap and sell guns. Anything more is just a tax and restriction on our rights as citizens. Corporations bent upon profit will argue otherwise, so keep up the good fight.


Better than Facebook!!!

I dont have facebook, nor do I need it.
Montana Gun Trader keeps me up to date on politics that matter to me, as well as other things that matter.

Love this site!!


Essential Service for Montana

This site is an essential component of the fight for liberty, free trade, and the free expression of speech here in Montana.
The community here is top shelf. A vibrant and robust resource for all things firearms related.


Fantastic site

Best gun site I’ve ever been on, bar none. Excellent classifieds section, great specific-group and general social media function, too. User friendly, very informative, and fairly regularly there some good deals. It’s searchable by locations, keywords, and other ways too. What’s not to like?

Danny Landrum

Whats Not To Like About Montana Gun Trader It’s The Best

Every thing about this site is top shelf 100% Montana positive as they say the greatest thing sense sliced bread. Cheers and kudos all the way for M.G.T.


Thumbs Up 👍🏻

Definitely a go to resource for Montana gun enthusiasts.

Members are insightful, polite and always willing to help.

Highly recommend joining if you’re a Montana resident that values our 2nd amendment!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!


Montana Gun Trader Helps Makes My Firearm Hobby Better!

I check on here several times daily.
Most of my interest is trades, since I’m retired and on a fixed income.
Every transaction I have had with folks here, over the years, has been good.
People seem to be respectful and honest. I especially like to see so many like minded individuals who support our Constitution on here.
I always use the ‘paid’ ads to help keep the site going and suggest others do the same. Just my opinion.
Randy… Thanks for keeping the peace here too. Old sites I have used were full of Trolls, Dip-shits and frauds.


The Gold Standard for Montana

An outstanding community, from the seasoned aficionado to the new enthusiast. A rock solid group of genuinely great people. Whether you’re trading or selling an old bird gun, or turning stones for that gem at the top of your list, Montana Gun Trader never fails. With a tentative admin and a rich, incredibly knowledgeable crowd, Montana Gun Trader is a fantastic way to connect with folks around the state. A staple of the daily routine. Contribute what you can, and keep a great thing going. Thanks Randy. 🇺🇸


5 stars

Love this site, and the people running it are awesome too!



I’m very thankful to have joined up and made some good friendships. Everybody I’ve met has been kind and helpful. I was born and raised here in Montana and definitely feel more connected to others that share my enthusiasm for recreational shooting and hunting.


worth the effort?

I am not very technology versed but the freedom, good people, and like-mindedness of the people on this site make any struggles worth the effort. Randy…hats off for providing a platform that equates with the spirit, intent, and NEED for the second ammendment.

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