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Who were the top ten selling merchant affiliates at Montana Gun Trader in 2023?

Find our top ten selling Avantlink Affiliates ranked by highest amount of sales for the year of 2023 for this website below. These most popular online merchants did the most to help keep the lights on in 2023. These sales were initiated by our sharing of sales links in the Affiliate Sales Group and visitors shopping on the Affiliates Page. In case you think affiliate commissions are making us rich, the highest clocking in is right at $200 paid in referrals to this site for the entire year and the lowest was about $12. Obviously it helps, we appreciate them all and we’re hoping to keep building on that. But it certainly doesn’t cover all costs related to keeping this site free. Keep featuring at least 7.13 ads per day, donating at least $1 monthly on autopilot or once per month on your schedule and allowing all cookies at this site. Keep turning off ad blocker extensions and apps and clicking through affiliate links from those below and more and purchasing on the Affiliates Shopping Page. Thanks for your help keeping this site free and good luck with your ads!

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Lucky Gunner Ad With Search Form

This is a test post for this Lucky Gunner ad below that appears randomly around the site. Accept cookies, search for ammo and purchase to help keep this site free. A small commission is made every time a sale is made after you click through. Thanks for exercising your online firearms freedom.

Want just this Lucky Gunner search form on your website?

Simply copy and paste the search form html below anywhere in your website that allows html to add this Lucky Gunner Ammo search form to your website. This website will then make a small commission each time a sale is made afterwards. Become a Lucky Gunner affiliate by joining Lucky Referrals, then change the rid= to your affiliate code. You’ll then get paid 3% every time someone purchases through your search form.

<form action="" target="_blank" method="GET" style="display:flex;flex-direction:row;border:0px;padding:2px;"><input type="text" id="q" name="q" placeholder="Search Lucky Gunner" aria-label="Search"><button type="submit"><i class="fa fa-search"></i></button></form>

Note: Download and put the button image to your /images folder to get the sexy shamrock button.

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MSSA – Montana Shooting Sports Association Free Promotional Ads & Statistics

The Montana Shooting Sports Association and Montanans voting pro-gun at the ballot box, then directing elected legislators to vote pro-gun during legislative sessions are why we have likely the best gun laws in the country. MSSA can’t do this without members. Join below!

Below find the current free ad at this website that will always display here that appears randomly in a variety of locations. It may contain a general recruiting ad like it does as of this date or an ad of current legislation needing our undivided attention. View and track the progress of this free promo below that we will ALWAYS offer MSSA and our fellow members FREE. MSSA and MTGT Members get free stickers here!

Sign up for legislative updates from MSSA! Join our Gun Sales and Trade Politics Group to get these updates and discuss with members here!

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Latest Polls

This is a test post to display and develop an rss feed output for Montana Gun Trader Polls that can appear anywhere on this website. Click the title to view our polls blog page. Click RSS to get the feed url to display our poll links on your website or to subscribe with your favorite feed reader.