Member Only Poll: Should we allow out of state gun owners to join Montana Gun Trader?

More and more often we are getting out of state gun owners who attempt to join Montana Gun Trader. I have thus far denied them. Out of state visitors can already use the classifieds without being a member as long as it doesn’t get abused. But non-members are unable to manage ads, engage in the social network, use the forums or groups. Should we allow out of state members? This is a members only poll. Please login if you haven’t already to vote. Take the poll and leave your comments below. Donate to help fund this made in Montana site.

Should Montana Gun Trader allow out of state members?
  • No 58%, 22 votes
    22 votes 58%
    22 votes - 58% of all votes
  • Yes 42%, 16 votes
    16 votes 42%
    16 votes - 42% of all votes
Total Votes: 38
Only registered users can vote. Login to vote.

NOTE! If a decision about allowing out of state members is to be made, it will require at least half of the current membership base to vote YES above in this members only poll. There are currently over 1800 members. View the Total Votes so far above.


5 thoughts on “Member Only Poll: Should we allow out of state gun owners to join Montana Gun Trader?”

  1. Yes,…it ain’t my fault I’m forced by circumstances to live in the %@!*# east.
    I HATE it here. Populated by liars & grifters
    I want to return to my beloved Montana so bad I can taste it

  2. Remember: With a limited audience comes limited potential funding. This site always just barely squeaks by on funding itself. We’re WAY below that this year! We’ve had a lot more people Featuring Ads and donations. So I thank you for that!

    But we still have a long ways to go! All coming out of my pocket so far. I donate the time it took to build it, maintain it and keep it secure for us. You can help out by Featuring your ads at the site, always buying your ammo online through sponsors at or donate at the site here: 🙂


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