What to expect if you ignore users who contact you about your post

I’m not getting my registration and activity emails!How do I adjust my email notification settings?

Discussion posts are different. But 24 hours is a reasonable amount of time to expect someone who posts an item for sale, or a wanted to buy ad to respond to an interested party. If you’re not prepared to respond, don’t post until you can attend to it. Or if its going to be longer than that, post it in your ad. If your items sells, delete it!

At this site we’ll stick with a two strike rule as the terms of use you agreed to when you joining address. If you ignore someone who sends you a message or posts a response about interest to your ad over 24 hours, it will be removed shortly after that or when the admin gets around to it. The second time a member does the same thing, they will be removed.

You can try to rejoin if your account is removed. You may or may not get approved depending on the circumstance.