Registration, activity, subscriptions or private messages emails.

If you registered & don’t see your approval email, check your junk mail. Gmail & other Yahoo’s don’t like the word gun!

If you’re already a member & not getting emails, check your settings. Click “Edit Profile” to view and edit your privacy settings.

Scroll down on mobile devices or click on the “Privacy” tab to find notification settings. Check both boxes and click Update. Already checked?, click Update anyways! See more below!

Unless you plan to check your junk mail every day, add to your contacts!

If you are a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other web mail user, you probably already know that you need to check your spam folders on periodic and often frequent occasions, especially from anti-gun email servers.

Members of this site will get registration information, in addition to having the option of having activity posts and private message notifications sent via email from this website. The best way to make sure you’re getting messages from this site is to make sure you add to your contacts at your web mail server.

This page at gmail does a good job of explaining it.

Legitimate mail is marked as spam

If you find a message wrongly classified as spam, you can unmark the message. Just select the message, and click the Not Spam button that appears at the top and bottom of your current view. Unmarking a message will automatically move it to your inbox.

If you find that some senders’ messages are consistently being mislabeled as spam, you can prevent this by:

Adding their email addresses to your Contacts list. Gmail will deliver messages from members of your Contacts list to your inbox, unless we know with high confidence that they are spam.

Some messages sent from contacts which are very clearly spam can be sent directly to your Spam label. More importantly, in some cases messages from contacts will not be sent to Spam but will be marked with a red warning banner if the content is suspicious – for example, your friend’s or contact’s account has been compromised and used to send phishing messages.

Creating a filter so the messages are never sent to Spam.

If you’re sending to Gmail users and are seeing your messages marked as spam, please review our Bulk Senders guide.