Logged in Members Now Automatically Post Ad Links on The News Feed and Find Chat Buttons in Ads

Links to your posted classified ads will now appear automatically on the News Feed in addition to the ability to send INTERNAL Private Messages related to ads using the websites messaging system, rather than sending an email using the contact form.

If you wanted to allow other members to discuss your ads on the News Feed before this update, you had to copy and paste a link to your ad on the stream. That process is now automatic.

All ads posted will now automatically post a link to your individual ads to the News Feed attributed to you. It will state for example Randy posted a new ad and a link to your post. Other logged in members will then be able to react and comment or ask questions about it. Non-members cannot see them. Non members can still use the contact form in the ad the same as before.

You can delete the news feed posts if you choose. Click the drop-down in the top right and select delete to remove them.

The objective is to help encourage more engagement among members on the social network and to allow you to better promote your items.

When another member posts a comment or reacts to your post, you will get a notification by email and on site if you haven’t disabled it.

Click Notifications on your profile to adjust notification preferences.

See this post on the News Feed as an example and discuss amongst members ONLY.

Logged in Members also now have the option of using the website’s internal messaging system rather than the email contact form. Members will now see a CHAT button in ads. Clicking that button will open up a private message window.

The member will receive an email from the site stating someone has sent them a private message at the site and to check that message using a link.

Randy (Admin)
Developer and admin of Montana firearm sites.
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Randy (Admin)

Developer and admin of Montana firearm sites.


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