How this site earns its keep honestly, just like you and me!

This site makes nothing for simply having an advertisement appear. It makes nothing for clicks or impressions like most other sites. It will never display those types of advertisements because they violate your browser. Your browsing habits outside of this site are none of this websites business.

An average commission of 3% is made when visitors make purchases through sponsor links such as those listed here in the sidebar, and at Top Ammunition Sites. We’re also excited to have a new sponsor which is Payment Alliance International, the NRA endorsed firearms friendly credit card processor.

Excluding donated development time, operational costs alone will run about $1500 per year to keep this site running smoothly. To make a contribution, simply go buy new guns and ammunition for yourself from our sponsors here, or sign your business up for credit card processing through P.A.I. Buying through links here costs you nothing more, may even save you processing fees, and keeps more of your hard earned money in Montana where it then helps develop this local site.

Thanks for looking and sharing this Montana localized site with at least six of your friends right now!