Check out the major social network system overhaul!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Gun Lovers!

Welcome to your upgraded website! There is now a completely new social network system that is MUCH more user friendly!

It is a completely fresh start except you don’t need to worry about your classified ads. They are all still intact. Click Manage above to edit, delete or renew them after logging in.

As for the new and improved social network, you will find it is now much more like Facebook so a transition is much simpler if you want to make this your new social network home.

You will need to upload new avatars, cover photos and any other images you uploaded before. Unfortunately there was no way to save it. The forums have been removed because we simply don’t need them with groups. Friend connections will need to be renewed. Groups will need to be recreated. Remember! Group posts are only visible to logged in members. If you only want other members to see your posts, post in groups NOT classifieds. If you post in classifieds and want to share a LINK to your ad in a city group, that’s perfect!

If you like what you see here and want to help keep it alive, don’t forget to Feature your classifieds, Donate or shop through sponsor links anytime at made in Montana Top Ammunition Sites to help fund this free locally owned and administered site!

Randy (Admin)
Developer and admin of Montana firearm sites.
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Randy (Admin)

Developer and admin of Montana firearm sites.


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