Where should I post to get the best results?

This site is designed to offer members options to post local guns & ammo for sale and trade based on the level of privacy that they desire. It can be a bit confusing at first but worth it for all of us in the long run.

Member Forums are intended as a localized by city location where only logged in members can view posts. This is to give you an extra layer of privacy. Any logged in member can see these posts. If you do post in Public Forums, there is no need to post in Member Forums!

Public Forums are the best bang for the buck. Especially those accustomed to classifieds that don’t mind selling publicly. Posting in any Public Forum allows any visitor worldwide to see those posts. Members or non-members can see your posts and of course your username. But only members will be able to send you private messages through this site. If you will deal with non members, be sure to add contact info to your posts in these forums. The most popular forum with the most traffic is the Montana Gun Trader Forum.

Your profile page and photo gallery can be the most private location to post. You can set your privacy settings to only allow friends to see your posts if you desire. Business members can even set their profile and image settings to allow public viewing. Click Edit Profile to adjust your privacy settings.

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