The Difference Between Private vs Public Forums

This firearms friendly Montana social network gives members a variety of options all in one spot to buy and sell guns online. Private sellers and FFL holders in Montana are encouraged to join and engage. It is the only website in Montana with the public and privacy options and social networking capabilities designed specifically for local only gun owners available online. It remains a functional work in progress for the unseen future to make it easier for Montana to exercise firearms freedom online.

Montana Gun Trader Community Forums

Forums are built on traditional online community sites such as those built using simple machines, phpbb, vbulletin, etc. Members cannot create new forums but can post in any forum. Member Forum posts can be seen by any logged in member and you can post in any forum you want. There is NO NEED to post in Member Forums if you’ve posted the same ad in Public Forums. ALL logged in members can see all forum posts. Any visitor to this site can see public posts. Be sure to Click SUBSCRIBE at the top of any forum or specific post to get notifications sent to your activity feed here and through your registration email address.

Public and *Private Forums

There are a number of PUBLIC forums at Montana Gun Trader that logged out visitors can see but cannot participate in unless they become a member. If you post contact information in these forums it is available to the public at large. Logout and click the public forums in the menu to see all of these public forums. Private Forums are marked with an asterisk in front of the forum name on the main forums page. All logged in members can see posts made to these forums.

Thanks for sticking to your MontanaGuns and helping to build the largest group of only Montana Gun Traders online!