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In it fo' da monies
Contacted seller soon after posting. Agreed to meet next day, FOB origin, (Means I was driving 60+ miles to Missoula), agreed to asking price for handgun, box, 1 mag for $500.00. Positive confirmation was made by seller to meet at Cabela's at around 2:30-3:00 pm. Thought "done deal." Hour or so later, SELLER contacts me that he has a buyer for the handgun that will buy the extra threaded barrel he had mentioned in the ad as an add on, ( I had no need for the extra barrel) and he'd need to sell to him.
Pretty par for the course with private party transactions but also pretty flaky and unreliable. If he needed to get rid of as a package, list as such instead of jerking people around with a deceptive ad for split items. screenshots of deal available.
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