Poll: Do You Support or Oppose Bans on Semi-Automatic Firearms and High Capacity Magazines?

Vote in the polls and share with your friends and family whether you support or oppose bans on semi-automatics or magazine capacities.

Do You Support or Oppose a Ban on Semi-Automatic Firearms?
Do You Support or Oppose A Ban on High Capacity Magazines?

Send a message to Montana legislators and committees about active bills and legislation online

Send messages to legislators and committees through the Montana Legislature Messaging System embedded below. Click MENU for more options and information. NONE of your information is stored here. Questions, comments and reactions can be made by members below.

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Poll: Do You Support or Oppose The Proposed Great Wall of Montana?


Do You Support or Oppose The Proposed Great Wall of Montana?
Of course it’s just for fun. Or is it? Well, we can’t stop you from moving to Montana yet. If you do, we guess it’s okay as long as you always and forever more ALWAYS VOTE PRO-GUN! Member? React and comment below.