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“The Gun Is Civilization” – By Maj. L. Caudill USMC (Ret)

Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you want me to do something for you, you have a choice of either convincing me via argument, or force me to do your bidding under threat of force. Every human interaction falls into one of those two categories, without exception. Reason or force, that’s it.

In a truly moral and civilized society, people exclusively interact through persuasion. Force has no place as a valid method of social interaction and
the only thing that removes force from the menu is the personal firearm, as paradoxical as it may sound to some.

When I carry a gun, you cannot deal with me by force. You have to use reason and try to persuade me, because I have a way to negate your threat or employment of force.

The gun is the only personal weapon that puts a 100-pound woman on equal footing with a 220-pound mugger, a 75-year old retiree on equal footing with a 19-year old gang banger, and a single guy on equal footing with a carload of drunken guys with baseball bats.

The gun removes the disparity in physical strength, size, or numbers between a potential attacker and a defender.

There are plenty of people who consider the gun as the source of bad force equations. These are the people who think that we’d be more civilized if all guns were removed from society, because a firearm makes it easier for a [armed] mugger to do his job. That, of course, is only true if the mugger’s potential victims are mostly disarmed either by choice or by legislative fiat–it has no validity when most of a mugger’s potential marks are armed.

People who argue for the banning of arms ask for automatic rule by the young, the strong, and the many, and that’s the exact opposite of a civilized society. A mugger, even an armed one, can only make a successful living in a society where the state has granted him a force monopoly.

Then there’s the argument that the gun makes confrontations lethal that otherwise would only result in injury. This argument is fallacious in several ways. Without guns involved, confrontations are won by the physically superior party inflicting overwhelming injury on the loser. People, who think that fists, bats, sticks, or stones don’t constitute lethal force, watch too much TV, where people take beatings and come out of it with a bloody lip at worst. The fact that the gun makes lethal force easier works solely in favor of the weaker defender, not the stronger attacker. If
both are armed, the field is level.

The gun is the only weapon that’s as lethal in the hands of an octogenarian as it is in the hands of a weight lifter. It simply wouldn’t work as well as a force equalizer if it wasn’t both lethal and easily employable.

When I carry a gun, I don’t do so because I am looking for a fight, but because I’m looking to be left alone. The gun at my side means that I cannot be forced only persuaded. I don’t carry it because I’m afraid, but because it enables me to be unafraid. It doesn’t limit the actions of those who would interact with me through reason, only the actions of those who would do so by force. It removes force from the equation… and that’s why carrying a gun is a civilized act.

President Trump Signs Executive Order To Disarm Democrats Using The New BATFE Backdoor Gun Registry & Voter Registration Records

How about that headline in February of 2024? This new “Engaged in the business” of rule is so broad that it gives them discretionary power to make it work if they want to.

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Breaking: Judge Temporarily Blocks Enforcement of New BATFE “Engaged in the business of” rule until June 2nd – VIDEO

Hamilton MT gun show cancelled due to the new BATFE regulation that Jon Tester voted for

Find the original article embedded below from the Montana Shooting Sports Association titled “MT gun show cancelled – BATFE regulation” on 5/18/24.

Jon Tester voted for the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act. Which in turn shut down the Hamilton and likely many more gun shows to come until we stop this tyranny in the courts. Find his response below after asking him how he could justify allowing this tyrannical overreach. As a direct result the BATFE has been unleashed onto gun owners to redefine what it means to be a gun dealer. How far will they take it? Contact Jon Tester now and ask him why and how he plans to stop the BATFE.

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When does the new tyrannical BATFE “Engaged in the Business” as a Dealer in Firearms “rule” begin?

Not to criminals of course because they’ve never followed the law. But lower voter turnout by law abiding citizens is expensive. We are now going to pay for gun owners not showing up at the ballot box. Americans lost this battle on the #soapbox and at the #ballotbox. When it came to the number of pro-gun elected officials who opposed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act that gave the BATFE the authority to redefine this rule AND the number of gun owners comments who opposed this new rule during the comments period, our opponents won. Gun grabbing zealots rallied their troops during the comment period and left an overwhelming amount supporting changing the “Definition of “Engaged in the Business” as a Dealer in Firearms” at Over 370,000 comments were left and more of them supported it than opposed it. According to this, the new rule takes affect May 20th, 2024. Of course Democrat Jon Tester voted for this. Luckily none of our other Montana representatives did. Find the 14 Republicans from other states who voted for this below.

Jon Tester Voted YES to Universal Background Checks for private gun sales and to unleash the now rogue BATFE on to ALL private gun sellers

Heed the warning. Universal background checks ARE universal gun registration. Universal gun registration will evolve into universal gun confiscation. Universal gun confiscation will evolve in to a complete loss of freedom of speech. Cattle cars full of law abiding citizens whose bodies end up being dumped into pits with lime or at a minimum working at the Gulag is inevitable if we allow it. No government can be trusted with this level of power whether led by democrats or republicans. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When all of the guns have been banned, when all of the words have been censored, when all of the history has been erased, when all of the freedom has been taken, only then will so many realize too late why America’s founders put the right to bear arms so high on the list.

How’s Jon involved in this mass gun registration and inevitable disarmament scheme perpetrated by current tyrants in power?

Part of the passage of The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act that Jon Tester voted YES for included allowing The Justice Department to update at their discretion the definition of what “Engaged in the Business” as a Firearms Dealer means. Now, pretty much anyone who ever sells a firearm privately can only do so by becoming an FFL holder or transferring the gun through a Federal Firearms Licensee. The definition of whether you are a “gun dealer” is left so vague and purposely deceptive so that literally anyone can be considered a “gun dealer” requiring a license if they so choose to target you for it. This is the universal gun registration part of the scheme.

Universal gun registration via universal background checks have been one of Jon’s personal goals for a very long time. Years ago he even spoke in support of Universal Gun Registration via Universal Background Checks. Watch him clearly express so in the video below. Jon should be very happy to have achieved this goal of giving the now unleashed and rogue BATFE the ability to easily use this to make tens of millions of Americans into felons if they so choose to at their discretion. This new rule is a win for gun grabbers. Will this affect how you vote in the future?

Be sure to Contact Jon Tester and your other reps and tell them how this new unconstitutional rule makes you feel. Take the polls yourself and share our “Polls – What specifically does it mean to be “Pro-Gun”?” at

Do You Support or Oppose Universal Background Checks For All Gun Sales?