Where are the guns for sale and everything else?

If you’re not registered and logged in we’re just showing you what we want you to see.

The majority of this site is members only because that’s how we want it. There are a few places we’ll post stuff for you to see such as the forums and the calendars so get up there and take a look. We’ll decide later on as a group whether we allow other states.

The whole point of social networking sites is that you can socialize somewhat but have a level of control over who can see your stuff before you let them in your house. At this site it will be your neighbors in Montana and we can do things publicly or privately all from one site. This site will suit our needs very well and can be adapted to our needs quickly and easily. Don’t be afraid to register which will first need to be approved by an admin. Not a lot of ads posted at this point but groups are growing. You don’t have to join any groups if you prefer not to.

We’ll keep the light on for you. Come on in and buy, sell and trade.