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Member Ratings & Reviews to be left AFTER transactions are indicated by number grades as stars 1-5 on member profile page reviews tab.

5 Star: Transaction handled professionally
4 Star: Transaction handled well
3 Star: Transaction handled with minor problems
2 Star: Transaction handled poorly
1 Star: Transactions handled with major problems

The star rating represents the average of all ratings entered for a user by fellow members. The star rating is displayed next to the User Name, and the number within the parenthesis indicates total reviews or ratings shared for the user. Users cannot rate and review themselves and members can leave more than one review for the same member based on transactions.

Rating and title are required but a comment is optional when submitting feedback.
Obscene or libelous reviews or comments are strictly prohibited
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Reviews and comments should not include tracking information

We highly recommend and encourage users to leave appropriate feedback for all transactions.

Reviews are useful for helping to evaluate the trustworthiness of a buyer or seller. But we encourage you to perform your own due diligence on a seller or buyer before performing transactions. Click the RED triangle in the bottom right of any review to report it. Please be detailed in your report if necessary.

Member Poll: Do Your Support or Oppose Gun Registration In Order To Enforce Universal Background Checks?

We hear frequently from anti-gun entities and politicians that 90% of Americans support UBC’s. We all know that’s not even close, especially in Montana and that the only way to enforce such a tyrannical law is to require universal firearms registration. It’s more than likely the other way around, especially among Montana gun buyers, sellers and traders. Take the poll and tell us what you think in the comments.

Do Your Support or Oppose Universal Gun Registration In Order To Enforce Universal Background Checks?
  • I Oppose Universal Gun Registration in Order To Enforce Universal Background Checks 97%, 37 votes
    37 votes 97%
    37 votes - 97% of all votes
  • I Support Universal Gun Registration in Order To Enforce Universal Background Checks 3%, 1 vote
    1 vote 3%
    1 vote - 3% of all votes
Total Votes: 38
Only registered users can vote. Login to vote.

Post Free and Featured Gun Friendly Montana Small Business Ads at Montana Gun Trader

Free posting will always be available for all ads at Montana Gun Trader. Select the Business Category for free and featured ad options. All ads everywhere are always sorted by the very latest ad always at the top. All ads can be renewed in your own Manage Ads page every five days.

Featured Ads in all categories are highlighted and stick to top of all listings pages chronologically with the latest featured ad always at the top. Featured ads also appear below all individual classified ads as well as below all blog post pages like this below and the Sponsor Shop.

Featured Business Ads also appear randomly on the home stream after every second community post getting a ton of community traffic.

Select Montana Business Category when Posting your Free or Featured Business Ads.

The Official Montana Right To Keep And Bear Arms Week Begins 1st Monday of March! How Will You Celebrate?

How do you plan on celebrating Montana RKBA Week this year?

In 1991 The Montana Shooting Sports Association got a bill passed through legislature and signed into law setting the first week starting on Monday every March as the official week for Montana to celebrate our RTKBA – Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

1-1-224. Observance of right to keep and bear arms. The week beginning the first Monday in March is an official week of observance to commemorate Montana’s valued heritage of the right of each person to keep and bear arms in the defense of his home, person, or property or in aid of civil power. During this week, all Montanans are urged to reflect on their right to keep and bear arms and to celebrate this right in lawful ways.

Let me know if you have events planned. I may be able to provide free MSSA and MTGT bumper stickers