Are There Montana Gun Trader Groups Elsewhere?

For The Record – There are NO GROUPS at any other social networks bearing this sites name associated in any way to this website, domain or its local owner.

There is one Facebook Page still associated to this website that is in no way promoted. It is simply there as a place for users to find this site in search because facebook has taken over most of those searches in most search engines. If members are a part of said groups, that is entirely up to them. Exercise online firearms freedoms elsewhere as long as you possibly can. Hopefully it doesn’t aggravate or challenge them into taking a stand as facebook has now done after gun control zealots invade and start reporting groups and posts as they have done at facebook.

We’ve done this too many times to put all of our eggs into other billionaire network baskets to risk losing what takes years to build. Each time it happens gun owners are divided and scattered in various directions only to see it happen time and again.

How many times do we have to lose connections and move to another network before we build our own? This site has had this in mind at every turn since purchasing the domain years ago. It has been a backup plan for just such an eventuality.

That being said we are very tolerant. We still give registered users the ability to link to their favorite social networks directly on their profile page. Either for quick reference for them or for friends to find them on other networks, this option is available.

Click edit profile after logging in to find locations to link the networks you’d like a button for to appear on your profile page. Only logged in members are able to view these links. These can be linked to your personal pages or any favorite page at those networks. Logged in users can click the photo to see my page as an example. More of these can easily be added, get in here and send me a message to make the suggestion.

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Have you moved from facebook to mewe for gun trader groups?