Video: Hunt Right Montana – Take Pride in Hunter Ethics

“Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching” ~ Aldo Leopold


Ethics, unlike laws, are specific to each individual. Every hunter must develop his own set of rules for honorable behavior while afield. However, like honor, a basic code of conduct exists. The following tenets should be followed at all times:

Follow Fair Chase principles, giving the animal a reasonable opportunity to escape.The contest is between its survival instincts and your skill and cunning. Too many technological advantages reduces it to mere killing, not hunting. Do not take advantage of an animal in distress.

Make a clean kill. Avoid shooting at running animals, through obstacles, or from great distances. Only take shots you’re certain you can make. Avoid wounding an animal at all costs.

Develop your skills. Attain and maintain hunting abilities that allow you to make better choices and cleaner kills. Shoot your weapon often, and from the positions in which you’ll find yourself while afield.

Know your limits. And do not exceed them. This goes for your equipment, too. If an animal is too large or too far from the vehicle for you to pack it out without spoilage, don’t take the shot.

Be safe. Know your backdrop and practice proper weapon-handling. Do not endanger yourself or others.

Show respect. For the animal. Like you, wildlife are living creatures just trying to make a go of it in this world. Give them the respect they deserve. Do not waste harvested game.

For others. Close gates behind you, be courteous to other hunters, and be considerate of non-hunters.

For Montana. Know and honor local and regional customs.

For the environment. Regard the landscape as holy ground and treat it as such. Do not litter or drive over fragile vegetation. Support conservation efforts.

For the future. Behave in a way that reflects well upon hunting and hunters, helping to ensure that future generations will enjoy the same privileges we do today.

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Montana Poll: Facebook should allow the private sale of firearms & ammo

There was a time not long ago that facebook respected the wishes of Montana gun traders.

A poll we have at the, at least currently active, Big Sky Gun Trader Facebook Group pretty clearly shows that Montana gun owners disagree with Facebook’s new terms for private gun and ammo sales.


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CBS Video: Guns as a way of life in the Northwest

CBS: Guns as a way of life in Wyoming

March 13, 2016, 10:01 AM|In the wide-open spaces of the American West, guns are woven into the tapestry of life in ways city-dwellers may not understand. Ted Koppel visits the town of Cody, Wyoming, to find out how, for the majority of families, guns are inseparable from a way of life.

Enjoy another timeless video classic below just for Montana.