Admin Blocked from Facebook again…

The enemies of personal firearms freedom have struck us a temporary blow.  Help fight back by sharing!
Facebook blocked again

The primary promoter of this locally owned & operated firearms friendly website, is blocked from Facebook yet again.

As much as I’d love completely to abandon that mess, it has become a necessary evil for promotional purposes. When we get to 10,000 members, we might be able to say our farewells. But until then, Share the hell out of it and tell at least six of your friends. And get a bumper sticker for your rigs to help plug the site!

As many of you may be aware, this website was created shortly after Facebook decided against your personal use of their website to buy, sell and trade firearms. I was blocked from Facebook the first time initially for 24 hours because someone took offense to a post dated LONG BEFORE their new policy was mandated, for a private gun for sale LINK FROM ANOTHER SITE, not even posted directly at Facebook.

Before Facebook began there anti-gun direction, I personally pumped thousands of links from various websites I’ve developed over the years automatically into their system. Thousands of posts dated BEFORE their changes were literally impossible for me to remove to become compliant with their new nonsense.

The second time was for exactly the same thing. But that time for seven days. I did attempt to remove posts. Facebook does not give page admins the ability to delete thousands of posts. You have to un-publish the page or manually try to delete each post. I sent a request and did not get a reply. It is still this way. It is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. But hey, its their billion dollar network, they can do whatever they want.

I’m grounded this time for sharing a screenshot of a nasty message that a visitor sent to a Facebook page I help administer. It was not directive or identifiable, just an example of what some people message to a page, that particular page with over 50,000 likes and 100+ subscribers and growing fast. It was simply posted as an example of the type of messages a page gets when they post something opposed to someone elses political opinion. I even removed her name and her foul language from the image so it was not identifiable.

I’m unable to do my weekly updates at the Montana Gun Trader Facebook Page for almost one month. This will put a dent in our ability to let people know they have another option. YOU can help by sharing the heck out of it!

Common Sense Considerations For Safe, Private, Legal Firearms Transactions

Screen Shot 06-15-16 at 07.32 AMBad guys don’t, and will never follow the rules. Isn’t that common sense most of us can agree with?

The knee jerk, default gun control reactions after mass shootings have never, and will never change.

We will never stop someone who is inclined to do harm to others for personal, political or ideological reasons.

These obviously disturbed individuals spend enormous amounts of time and energy to evade detection and extensively plan these events prior to doing them. To think otherwise is ignorant and dangerous to all of us. They will find items and tools they need legally, illegally and even build weapons of destruction, regardless of laws or regulations in order to meet their needs.

They are intent on performing an illegal act. The idea that they’ll not continue with their plans because of laws that might get in their way is simply ridiculous. We might even say we should be less concerned with their choice of a firearm for destructive purposes when we imagine the possibility that they may have used explosives.

Responsible gun sellers, buyers and traders can easily take steps to help ensure a safe and legal, private firearms transaction. This can easily be done without need for further gun control. Montana does not require gun registration and we intend to help keep it that way.

You are 100% responsible for your for safe, private, legal firearms transactions:

Age: Is the buyer old enough to own this type of firearm?

Citizenship: Are they a US Citizen?

Residency: Are they a Montana Resident?

Felony: Have you checked the CONWEB to ensure they do not have a felony?

Stolen: Have you verified the gun has not been reported stolen?

Identification: Do they have a valid Montana ID or a Concealed Weapons Permit?

Verification: Have you physically verified the ID or CCW and is it current & valid?

Face to face: Are you performing the transaction face to face?

Is the location you are doing the transaction safe?

5 Tips for Buying a Firearm from a Private Seller

Brian T. Phaber, Yahoo Contributor Network ~ May 12, 2011

Not all firearms transactions go through licensed dealers or stores. Individuals can buy, sell, and trade firearms whenever they want to. For these transactions, a state usually has some laws or regulations in place, but they don’t hamper private transactions involving firearms. Buying from a private seller can save you some money or get you a nice weapon that you wouldn’t be able to find at dealers. Here are some tips for getting through the whole process unscathed.

Always test the firearm out before purchasing it.

Obviously, some people selling their firearms might try to pull a fast on on you by selling you a non-working firearm. It’s important that all guns are tested out before they are purchased. You don’t want to end up finding out after-the-fact that you bought a dud of a firearm. Therefore, you should walk away from a seller who won’t allow you to test the weapon or let you watch them test it. Testing these firearms will save you the hassle of getting tricked into buying a faulty firearm.

Check all local, state, and federal requirements for private firearms transactions.

Many states require that all handgun transactions be reported to the department of justice (DOJ) for that state. Typically, long gun transactions don’t need to be reported. If you are buying a gun from a private seller, then you have to check with all applicable laws on the matter. Doing so will protect you from any legal problems that can stem from failure to adhere to all laws involving the transaction. Fortunately, you usually won’t have to do anything more than report a change in ownership – if you even do need to.

Make sure the gun still has its serial number.

Virtually all handguns and long guns come with a manufacturer’s serial number. These numbers are recorded when the gun is first bought from a dealer so that the police and government agencies know who to tie a firearm to. With that in mind, you should always make sure that the weapon you want to buy still has a serial number on it. You should be a little wary if the number is filed off or doesn’t exist. In the end, you definitely don’t want to find out that you bought a stolen firearm.

Inspect the gun yourself or get it inspected.

When you go to buy a gun from someone, you should take a few minutes to inspect it yourself. In some cases, you can get the weapon inspected by a dealer or handler. You want to make sure that all parts are intact. Also, you might want the firearm to have its original parts. Checking to see that everything is all right with the gun will save you the trouble later on. Testing the weapon is necessary but won’t allow you to catch some of the other possible issues with the weapon.

Make sure that you can legally buy a firearm!

Fortunately, most people won’t have to think twice about their eligibility for gun purchasing and ownership. You should make sure that you are eligible for gun ownership in your state if you have any second thoughts about it though. For instance, someone who spent time in jail or dealt with the law as a child might want to check with their local police department or scour the Internet for answers. Small things can bar a person from gun ownership if they have had run-ins with the law, so it’s always smart to make sure that you can legally buy the gun that you want.

Good luck with all private firearms purchases!

Dealing with a personal seller to buy a firearm isn’t that difficult. For the most part, you just need to protect yourself from getting scammed or breaking the law by not reporting the transaction when necessary. You can get some pretty great deals and find some amazing firearms by going through a private seller. In the end, you shouldn’t worry about anything going wrong, but you should never be careless about buying something from someone else.

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What to expect if you ignore users who contact you about your post

I’m not getting my registration and activity emails!How do I adjust my email notification settings?

Discussion posts are different. But 24 hours is a reasonable amount of time to expect someone who posts an item for sale, or a wanted to buy ad to respond to an interested party. If you’re not prepared to respond, don’t post until you can attend to it. Or if its going to be longer than that, post it in your ad. If your items sells, delete it!

At this site we’ll stick with a two strike rule as the terms of use you agreed to when you joining address. If you ignore someone who sends you a message or posts a response about interest to your ad over 24 hours, it will be removed shortly after that or when the admin gets around to it. The second time a member does the same thing, they will be removed.

You can try to rejoin if your account is removed. You may or may not get approved depending on the circumstance.

Facebook to Use Image Recognition to Crackdown on Gun Sellers?

Source: Facebook to Use Image Recognition Software to Crackdown on Gun Sellers?

Facebook. The social network. A hotbed for gun buying and selling. Still.

That’s correct, even with all sorts of high tech ways to monitor its users, Facebook is still a preferred platform for many gun owners to transfer, buy, sell and trade firearms. I’m sure you’re wondering, How can that be? Didn’t Facebook ban private person-to-person sales earlier this year?

Yes, it did. And anti-gunners gleefully celebrated the decision, suggesting that it was a major victory for the gun-control movement.

“Moms are grateful for Facebook’s leadership today in announcing that they will end all unlicensed gun sales arranged on their platforms,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, following the February announcement.

“Two years ago, our campaign to get Facebook to change how their platforms host firearm sales resulted in nine new policies to curb children’s exposure to guns and to clarify state laws around selling and buying guns online,” continued Watts.

“Our continued relationship with Facebook resulted in today’s even stronger stance, which will prevent dangerous people from getting guns and save American lives,” said Watts.

But, what we’re seeing now is that although Facebook banned gun sales in principle, in practice it’s virtually done nothing to enforce the new rule. Well, that’s not entirely true. It relies on “community policing” to enforce the ban. What does that mean? It means it’s relying on users to report posts that have guns for sale in them.

“We rely on reports from our community of 1.5 billion people to help us enforce our community standards which prohibit any attempts by unauthorized dealers to purchase, sell, or trade firearms on our site,” said a Facebook spokesperson to Forbes. “Any piece of content on Facebook ­including posts, photos, videos, and messages ­can be reported. When something is reported to us, our team investigates and removes any content that violates our terms.”

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