Member Poll: Should we restrict Classified Ads Email Contact Forms to Registered Members only?

All Gun Classifieds at this site, whether you are logged in or not, include an email contact form so people can contact you about your item.

Although we do have a recaptcha system to stop bots, this site does NOT stop potential HUMAN scammers IN the USA from trying to send you junk email using the contact form. Login, share, vote in the poll and leave your local comments on the topic below.

Should we restrict classified ads contact forms that appear below your ads to registered members only?
  • Yes 71%, 10 votes
    10 votes 71%
    10 votes - 71% of all votes
  • No 29%, 4 votes
    4 votes 29%
    4 votes - 29% of all votes
Total Votes: 14
Only registered users can vote. Login to vote.

Due to scammers discovering our site, only registered members can now use our classifieds

Unfortunately the scammers have found our website and began posting garbage. I guess we can chalk it up to popularity.

Three posts this morning were posted by a non-member that were obviously scams. If you saw the three Glock posts, two from different people in a different location with the same telephone number and stupid low prices, that was them. I’ve deleted the three posts and restricted the post ad form to registered members. Leave your comments and suggestions about the decision below.

Feature your ads, donate and buy ammo from our sponsors to help keep it secure. 🙂

Member Only Poll: Should we allow out of state gun owners to join Montana Gun Trader?

More and more often we are getting out of state gun owners who attempt to join Montana Gun Trader. I have thus far denied them. Out of state visitors can already use the classifieds without being a member as long as it doesn’t get abused. But non-members are unable to manage ads, engage in the social network, use the forums or groups. Should we allow out of state members? This is a members only poll. Please login if you haven’t already to vote. Take the poll and leave your comments below. Donate to help fund this made in Montana site.

Should Montana Gun Trader allow out of state members?
  • No 61%, 31 vote
    31 vote 61%
    31 vote - 61% of all votes
  • Yes 39%, 20 votes
    20 votes 39%
    20 votes - 39% of all votes
Total Votes: 51
Only registered users can vote. Login to vote.

NOTE! If a decision about allowing out of state members is to be made, it will require at least half of the current membership base to vote YES above in this members only poll. There are currently over 1800 members. View the Total Votes so far above.

What are Featured Ads? How do they help me sell faster? How do they help fund the site?

Featured Ads at Montana Gun Trader are optional when posting. Featured Ads get better exposure and help fund this free website. Featured Ads are highlighted in gray with red letters and stick to the top of all listings chronologically on the Classifieds Page. Prices for Montana Gun Trader Featured Ads are lower then even the basic posting cost for all of the Montana news media classifieds sites.

Featured Ads also appear below every ad and below the Home Page content. Of course sales boil down to what people are looking for. But when photos are added to catch visitor attention, featured ads typically receive five times the traffic as regular ads! Click Post Ad and select the option you want. Complete the transaction through PayPal using an account or by credit card. Don’t have anything to sell but still want to help fund the site? Buy ammo from sponsors at Top Ammunition Sites or visit the Donate Page to send money by credit card or Paypal account.

Admin Blocked from Facebook again…

The enemies of personal firearms freedom have struck us a temporary blow.  Help fight back by sharing!
Facebook blocked again

The primary promoter of this locally owned & operated firearms friendly website, is blocked from Facebook yet again.

As much as I’d love completely to abandon that mess, it has become a necessary evil for promotional purposes. When we get to 10,000 members, we might be able to say our farewells. But until then, Share the hell out of it and tell at least six of your friends. And get a bumper sticker for your rigs to help plug the site!

As many of you may be aware, this website was created shortly after Facebook decided against your personal use of their website to buy, sell and trade firearms. I was blocked from Facebook the first time initially for 24 hours because someone took offense to a post dated LONG BEFORE their new policy was mandated, for a private gun for sale LINK FROM ANOTHER SITE, not even posted directly at Facebook.

Before Facebook began there anti-gun direction, I personally pumped thousands of links from various websites I’ve developed over the years automatically into their system. Thousands of posts dated BEFORE their changes were literally impossible for me to remove to become compliant with their new nonsense.

The second time was for exactly the same thing. But that time for seven days. I did attempt to remove posts. Facebook does not give page admins the ability to delete thousands of posts. You have to un-publish the page or manually try to delete each post. I sent a request and did not get a reply. It is still this way. It is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. But hey, its their billion dollar network, they can do whatever they want.

I’m grounded this time for sharing a screenshot of a nasty message that a visitor sent to a Facebook page I help administer. It was not directive or identifiable, just an example of what some people message to a page, that particular page with over 50,000 likes and 100+ subscribers and growing fast. It was simply posted as an example of the type of messages a page gets when they post something opposed to someone elses political opinion. I even removed her name and her foul language from the image so it was not identifiable.

I’m unable to do my weekly updates at the Montana Gun Trader Facebook Page for almost one month. This will put a dent in our ability to let people know they have another option. YOU can help by sharing the heck out of it!